What Would Leigh Do? Tip #3


I can honestly say I have sometimes made changes in my life just to please someone else or measure up to what I thought the world wanted. Some were good changes, some were bad changes. And though I’ve always known who I AM, I admit I have not always known who I want to BE. Now I’m finally working toward a life and a ME that I can desire and of which I can be proud. A life where I do things that I am passionate about, not things I think will interest others. And still, I expect you will benefit 😃 Ain’t no feelin’ like bein’ FREE!

What Would Leigh Do? Tip #2


There are a million people out here that claim to be able to change your life or difficult situation for a “small” fee. But I gotta tell you the truth, like I always do,…THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Why do I say that? Not because they don’t provide valuable information. It’s not about that.

The issue is, will you actually ACT on something? If you don’t make the decision to DO SOMETHING, you will see no changes. You will see no growth. A personal trainer or a gym doesn’t get you fit, your response to their existence in your life does. Getting up and working out does. Do you use the tools at your disposal? A magazine doesn’t tell you what clothing will make you look hot, YOU define your “hot” and put on what the hell you wanna put on. Your employer does not tell you how much your talents are worth. You need to decide how much you are worth and go for that!

Work until you get the life you believe in. VERBS are the key, not NOUNS. I’m 27 years old and I’ve just started this year making changes to my life and really pursuing what my freedom feels like. I’m going to make myself and my life who and what I really want them to be and I’ve never been more excited about anything. The road will not be easy, but it will be worth it. It will result in me being ME. Fully. Authentically. Walking in the path God has set for me from before forever. I finally found it and nothing will stop me.

What’s stopping you? Tell me some of your roadblocks in the comments and let me help 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


Goals: Do you have them?

Goals: Short term turns into long term

So when I started this last year, I thought I wanted to make it back to my college size (2009). Well, here I am! Wearing the same size 8 pants I wore in college (although I weighed less then because I wasn’t lifting). I never thought I’d make it back to single-digit pants! I never thought I’d say I LOVE going to the gym. I DO! But still I’m not satisfied.

Well, I’m satisfied, I’m happy with my progress, but I have to keep going because this is FOREVER! Fitness is not until u reach a certain weight or fit into your wedding dress. It should be a new way of life!
So I don’t know ol’ girl on the right but I hope that’s me when I grow up 😂 Maybe with one more year of 2AM wake ups?

I don’t wanna lose that much boob though. Ijs.

Marinated Grilled Salmon!

After I posted a pic of this on my various social media outlets, folks were clamoring for the recipe. You guys know I’m a giver, so…


Raw Salmon Filet

1/3 cup Brown Sugar

1/3 cup Soy Sauce

1/4 cup Water

Lemon Pepper

Garlic Salt

1/3 cup Safflower Oil


Hardware Needed: A grill and a bowl for marinating

Prep Time: 5 mins + min. 2 hrs marinating time

Cook Time: 15 mins

Grill Temp: Medium


Step 1: Season your salmon with the lemon pepper and garlic salt. I cut mine in three pieces for portion control!

Don't be afraid of seasoning!
Don’t be afraid of seasoning!

Step 2: Mix the oil, brown sugar, soy sauce, and water for the marinade until the sugar dissolves.

Welcome to flavor country
Welcome to flavor country

Step 3: Allow salmon to marinate for at least 2 hrs to overnight (I do overnight).

"Mmmmm marinated salmon" - Homer
“Mmmmm marinated salmon” – Homer

Step 4: Heat grill to medium temperature and place on grill for about 15 mins.

I use The Griddler. Best investment I've ever made in my health.
I use The Griddler. Best investment I’ve ever made in my health.

Step 5: Make some rice if you want to lay the salmon on it. Or a side salad. If you’re into sides. If not, then just wait until it’s done and smash it!

I like to pour over a Japanese meat sauce, but if you can't read Japanese just do a teriyaki sauce.
I like to pour over a Japanese meat sauce, but if you can’t read Japanese just do a teriyaki sauce.


That’s it! Easy, ri? Hit my comments and let me know what you think, or if you made any subs! Big appetite (Not Bon Apetite. I don’t speak French)!

5 Fitness Journey Tips I Needed to Hear

So, this is a quick post I just wanted to share because I don’t see a lot of these types of posts out there and you know I like to give you the TRUTH as best I can. I mainly use Instagram and the Internet on my fitness journey for information and I’m finding there’s a BUTT LOAD of products and advertisement and a bit less just straight up info that will hit home for your actual soul. These are the things I wish someone had told ME before I started this journey, and things I still remind myself of regularly that help me stay on the path when everything ain’t roses and gainz.

1. Discipline is LEARNED (and you still may waiver)

– You’re gonna see a lot of people in the fitness world that look like they’ve “made it” compared to where you are and you’re gonna wanna do what they do and be like them when you grow up. They’ll tell you how they lift how many times a week and at what times and what they eat and meal prep and which supplement stack they use etc. etc. etc. and you may want to just do the same things and wonder why you don’t look the same as them after three months of restricting your life to the point of madness. It’s really easy to gloss over the actual TIME and effort it took for them to get where they are, though, and people rarely talk about the back story in depth. So try to remember when you’re looking at Joe Buff that he’s actually been exercising and eating well for, like,  6 YEARS. You started last month. There are not enough squats, bicep curls, and chicken breasts in the world for you to look like that in a short amount of time. This is a LIFELONG journey and you may start out with one routine, get tired of it or simply have life happen to you and fall out of it. THAT IS OK. The most disciplined people still take vacations, still have family members pass away…things come that disrupt discipline. Remember you are human. There is always another day to get back on track.

2. There is no one way to get in shape

I know. Your friend got in shape using P90x and looks so hot and you want to be hot, too. But you have joint problems and a bad back, so guess what? P90x ain’t for you right now. So should you quit before you start? Absolutely not. That walking thing you do from the couch to the fridge? That’s actually exercise if you just take it outside or to the gym for 30 or more minutes! And maybe after you do that, you do 10 jumping jacks. Or grab your dog and play chase in the park or at the beach! Exercise doesn’t have to be any one program or activity. You don’t have to lift heavy to lose weight and you don’t have to run a mile or Zumba or anything else anyone else is doing. You just need to find something you like doing that gets your limbs moving and your heart rate going. Pilates is just as much an exercise as a salsa class, as weight lifting, as cycling, as cross fit… the only difference is the way these things are done and the time it will take to see results in line with your goals. Is it March and you want a beach body by July? Well, just walking may not be enough to accomplish that. BUT it’s still a great place to START. You should be very honest with yourself about your current capabilities and then build up to more challenging things. But don’t go from zero to P90 and throw your back out trying to get in shape. You can’t workout if you are bed ridden.

3. There is no set time frame

Again, this is going to be a lifelong journey. There is no need to starve yourself, take a zillion supplements, drink skinny teas, and suck it in 24/7 to try to lose 5lbs in 2 days. Any weightloss that happens that fast likely won’t endure. Like many other things, in the case of fitness, slow and steady wins the race. Instead of having a time goal, my only goal is not to stop. Ever.

4. Diets are bad; Consciousness is GREAT

Dieting doesn’t work long term. This is supposed to be for life so you need to figure how you’re going to do this and eat to stay alive and also LIVE. I tried low carbing. It worked for about three weeks. Then a burger binge happened. And a birthday party may happen (mmmm, caaaake). Carbs are a part of life. Stop running. Just learn how to eat the things in moderation. Find out about MACROS and figure out your balance. Drink more water and less sugar. Switch in teas where you used to drink sodas. Just be aware of what you are eating and eat toward your goal. If 6 slices of pizza isn’t gonna get you in that bikini, try 1 slice and a side salad. YOU STILL GET TO EAT THE PIZZA! I think logging foods and sticking to a plan is really the best way to go about it. I use MyFitness Pal. If I have a double-double, I put it in and figure out how much I have to workout to balance it. Then I do it.  Food enjoyed, workout done, life will go on, gains will still come.

5. You control your results/There is NO quick fix/There is no size “Fit”

I wanted to keep this list short so I’m throwing all this in together. The takeaway is that this is your journey and you need to tailor make it for you. Whatever exercise you do will determine the outcome of your body and how long it takes to get there. If you major in cardio, you’ll lose plenty of fat but you won’t build much muscle. If you lift heavy and don’t do cardio, you may get bigger before you get smaller (don’t let that freak you out like it did me). It’s a long journey, there will be changes along the way, and what fit looks like for you may not be what fit looks like on the person next to you at the gym. Some people are simply born slimmer, taller, with less body fat, a faster metabolism…You simply cannot compare yourself to someone else. Your body is totally different and they started in a different place than you.  I, for one, know I am never going to be a size 6 no matter how much I work out because my body is simply not built that way. I have thick thighs and wide hips. But you best believe my curves are gonna go from flabby to tight, from fatty to muscular and defined. I may still be 160lbs but it will be 160lbs (or more?) of muscle instead of fat. And I WILL BUILD A BOMB BOOTY. Get your quarters ready…I’m about to go Serena Williams on y’all!


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Can’t Somebody Else Do it? – Pt. 3 Emazing Meals Review

If you don’t live in Southern California, I’m going to go ahead and save you some time. Not because I don’t want you to read the entirety of the article, but because I know your time is valuable and I love you enough to tell you the truth: Emazing is a LOCAL meal prep company that only delivers to a certain radius in Southern California. They are based in Huntington Beach. If you are outside of the 15 mi radius, I’m sorry, you won’t be able to experience their amazi-, excuse me, EMAZING food delivery (although if you can drive to HB you can pick it up). HOWEVER, I hope this sends you on a Google search to see if you have a meal prep company in YOUR local area. Because of the nature of the need for fresh food, I think by default it’s better to order locally as it brings shipping costs down and they may also simply charge less per meal.

For those of you who ARE in Southern California (and within 15 mi of Huntington Beach or willing to drive for pickup), THIS IS YOUR MEAL PREP COMPANY. If you have not read the Pt. 1 of this adventure, I go over some basic info about their website and pricing. This is the article for the nitty gritty on the food and service, both of which I think are great. The Pt. 2 of this adventure was another company I tried, New Vision Nutrition. I think I would still recommend them to anyone who did NOT have a local alternative, but it does have its negatives which I explain some of in Pt. 2 and will mention in this article as well for comparative purposes.

Why it’s So Emazing

Let’s start with delivery. Emazing has a cut-off time of Thursday at midnight to get delivery on Monday. This to me was much MUCH better than New Vision, as it allows you to get your meals at the beginning of the work week, which is really one of the main times you’re going to be eating them since they are the perfect thing to take to work for lunch. The other main time I eat my meals is after my workout for dinner. There is nothing like coming home after an intense workout and NOT HAVING TO COOK. And I come home to super tasty STEAK AND POTATOES! Post-workout protein is an absolute MUST and you get a nice helping out of their steak portion.

Steak, potatoes, Emazing, meal, meal prep, health, fitness
Steak and potatoes. It gets no better…
Steak, potatoes, cheese, ranch, bacon, Emazing, meal, meal prep, health, fitness
…unless you dress those potatoes a lil bit 😉

And this meat, unlike the New Vision meat, is TENDER, JUICY, and FLAVORFUL. I didn’t have my hopes up high for “healthy” meals in general, as I assumed they would all be bland and unseasoned for the sake of “health” but Emazing absolutely does not sacrifice flavor and it is STILL great for you. They use herbs and stuff like garlic to really pack flavor into the meals so you don’t have to worry about salt intake. I tell you guys, I honestly looked forward to eating these meals every day. The only thing they don’t have going is a breakfast option, but that’s ok by me because I have a protein shake and some sausage for breakfast and that’s enough for me.

So far I’ve just mentioned the meat, but the chicken and shrimp are also both really good. The chicken comes with a nice pineapple sauce to give you the flavor in the meal, and it has a bit of a seasoned crust. You could sprinkle on a bit of salt if you wanted but it’s not necessary to make it edible. The shrimp is second only to beef as far as flavor. It’s a beautiful spicy garlic taste that, again, I look forward to eating. One day I’ve got to find time to melt some BUTTER to drizzle on. Then it would be ::drool::

Chicken, rice, pineapple sauce, Emazing, meal, meal prep, health, fitness
Tasty Pineapple Chicken and Rice
Garlic, shrimp, spinach, Emazing, meal, meal prep, health, fitness
Spicy Garlic Shrimp. Yes pls.

As far as service, they send personal emails to confirm delivery and respond same day (usually within a few hours) to any inquiries. I always appreciate being able to talk to a real person and they have a dedicated one for this task who actually reads and answers your question accurately. They also send a great reminder email the day before cut-off so you don’t forget to get your order in! As fast as time seems to be going by these days, I surely needed the reminder and couldn’t believe it had already been a week when I got mine. This step alone will probably keep them in great business. If you opt for delivery, the driver will also text you when they are on their way to deliver your meals! I just don’t have any negatives to say about them. I will say that they do require you provide your own cooler or buy one of theirs for $10. This would’ve been a hassle for me BUT I actually recycled the styrofoam cooler I received my New Vision meals in and I have some reusable ice packs from other past food deliveries so I didn’t have to dole out any extra ends for a cooler 🙂 SAVE THINGS SOMETIMES PEOPLE! YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEY’LL COME IN HANDY! Just don’t be a hoarder…

One small thing I do have to note: they do NOT have detailed nutrition facts on the website or on the food packaging. Luckily, a few of the items are already in MyFitness Pal but other wise you will need to email customer service for the info. The food is very basic, though, so it’s not like there’s hidden ingredients you’d have to account extra carbs for or something. It’s all protein, veggie, carb. You can just go with the basically known nutritional values of each. I did email them to find out what oil they cook with since I have a peanut allergy, and I was kindly assured “We cook in a commercial kitchen, we share the kitchen with other chefs. We cook the food in olive oil and allergen free spray.” I’ve had no problems!

Hit me up in comments if you have any questions or any other companies you think I should check out! I’m pretty much good here otherwise. The great folks over here provided promo code LEIGH10 for a discount on your first order! Hit them up before midnight on Thursdays for Monday deliveries. Http://www.emazingmeals.com


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100% Organic Grass Fed Angus Steak. 100% stuck in my teeth.

Can’t Somebody Else Do It? – Pt. 2, New Vision Nutrition Review

This is My First and Last New Vision Nutrition Order

I have now had 5 of the 10 meals I ordered from New Vision Nutrition for a whopping total of $144.95. $144.95?! I thought you said it was $90some? Yes, that was before I got my face punched in by SHIPPING CHARGES. Now, a bit of this is my fault.  I may have ordered so fast that I skipped past the shipping total screen and I don’t remember actually seeing the total so I’m not sure if maybe I needed to scroll on my phone to see it or I just got too excited.  But bottom line shipping charges are $49.95 and that’s a lot. That’s a lot knowing that the shipping for Emazing meals in my area is only $15 (included in the total from the prior article) or I can go pick up my mears for FREE. It’s also a lot considering that because I placed my order on a Tuesday, I did not receive my order until the following Wednesay after work. One day past a WEEK later. So what happened on the following Monday-Wednesday? I ate kinda cray because I didn’t have prepped meals for my next work week. For some reason I always get “ship date” confused with “delivery date” so I was hella miffed when I realized my meals were only shipping on Monday. Of course I didn’t realize until too late and I was so dejected I ate my feelings until the meals arrived. WHY would a meal prep company not deliver meals at the beginning of the week? WHY am I paying $50 for slow shipping? This is reason one that my next order is coming from Emazing. The food, my dear readers, is reason two….

I’ve Now Experience a Mouth Workout

If that’s an idea that appeals to you and you are looking for serious jaw gainz, go ahead and order any of their beef items. I was NOT looking for chewy, I-have-to-bite-this-off-in-small-pieces-or-I-might-choke-and-die-in-my-kitchen-alone meat. But that’s what I got. Every. Time.

This is the Texas Western Steak, or as I like to call it, "The 1-Hour Chew"
This is the Texas Western Steak, or as I like to call it, “The 1-Hour Chew”

Every piece of steak from the meals I’ve had was hard to eat. The flavor itself was actually not bad for a healthy meal, but I do not exaggerate when I say it took me an hour to eat one of the meals. As you can see from the images, they are not stingy with the meat. But 8 pieces at like 5mins each to viciously bite off and hardcore chew small pieces makes for a bad time. The sauce on the Texas steak was REALLY its saving grace and I would’ve like to have had more of it. But y’all pray for the below baked potato. If you microwave this meal for the recommended amount of time, the potato does not get hot enough (though the spinach is cooked to its very death) so it’s hard to even make it into something buttery and delicious. I’d recommend microwaving it on its own.

100% Organic Grass Fed Angus Steak. 100% stuck in my teeth.
100% Organic Grass Fed Angus Steak. 100% stuck in my teeth.

In contrast, the chicken items and turkey chili were not tough on the jaw and, again for a healthy meal, were actually pretty good. The turkey chili had some kick and was EXTREMELY filling and I did not even finish it in the first sitting. However, trying to eat the rest of it for breakfast the next morning was a huge mistake.  I don’t know why but this meal, when it is not fresh, is just terrible. It’s like the flavor creeps out overnight and just leaves you with dry baby throw up to eat in the next day. I put one spoonful in my mouth, tried to chew it, spit it back out, and threw it away. Please eat this fresh ONLY!

Turkey Chili with red beans. Actually not bad if you don't hate brown rice.
Turkey Chili with red beans. Actually not bad if you don’t hate brown rice.

The Chicken Pineapple Pepper Kebabs and California Grilled Chicken Wrap were also good. I don’t generally put peppers with my pineapple so that was a new flavor pairing for me but it was good to eat and served it’s purpose. Regarding the chicken wrap, be very sure that you either eat it immediately when you get the delivery box or if you defrost it, just know you’re going to have a soggy wrap. I also didn’t notice any kind of sauce on the wrap except for the guacamole therein so I dipped mine in ranch dressing. Finally, the accompanying carrots and celery, again because of the defrosting, end up soggy and wading in a puddle of water. Not at all appetizing and when I gave the carrots to the dog and he started to chew it, he just stopped and looked at me like I was stupid. True story.

Chicken Pineapple Pepper Kebabs. Not on sticks. False advertising.
Chicken Pineapple Pepper Kebabs. Not on sticks. False advertising.
California Grilled Chicken Wrap. I have not yet found a wrap worth eating. Burritos ftw.
California Grilled Chicken Wrap. I have not yet found a wrap worth eating. Burritos ftw. I turned the right half soggy-side up. *gag*

 On to Emazing

All that said, I wouldn’t tell you guys NOT to order from New Vision, so much as I would say order anything but beef, don’t let the wraps get soggy, and get your pants pulled down in preparation for shipping charges to come out. Emazing is SoCal local only so if you don’t live nearby, I’d still say New Vision is your best bet unless you can find a local alternative of your own.

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